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We believe in treating the whole body rather than treating an injury or medical issue in isolation. That’s why we offer an extensive range of services to help improve movement and function.
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Chiropractic Manipulative therapy forms an integral part of our approach to treating the whole body, not just a complaint in isolation. This service is fundamental to ensuring our patients’ long-term health and wellness.

Dr. Graham uses gentle hands on chiropractic manual manipulation and/or light non-force instrument adjustments.  Each treatment is tailored to the individual's needs and conditions, making no two adjustments alike.  

He works with all age groups, from new born babies to little old ladies and everyone in between.  Each individual receives a different level of intensity and technique, based on what is appropriate for their age, condition, and personal references. He offers 40+ years of experience making the tool bag of techniques that he draws from quite rich and diverse in nature.

Physical Therapist

Applied Kinesiology

This is a diagnostic tool that uses manual muscle testing to provide feedback from the nervous system.. It is used to  assess neurological function versus dysfunction.  This type of testing helps to identify subtle injuries that keep you in pain, sensitivities that keep you exhausted, and other stressors present in the system that contribute to the cycle of feeling "not well.

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A Functional Medicine Nutritional consultation combines the individual’s current goals, history, anthropometrics, blood labs, along with Applied Kinesiology muscle testing to formulate a personalized plan of care. Diet, lifestyle modifications, and nutritional/herbal supplementation are the main tools used in helping patients regain and maintain optimum health.  

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Dr. Graham has been using acupuncture as an adjunctive therapy since 1977.  He uses acupuncture to help normalize function to an area that is out of balance.  Often there is an excess of energy in the meridians involved with the painful areas.  Acupuncture is one method of helping restore balance to the system.

Laser Treatment

Cold Laser

A Cold laser treatment works at the cellular level to reduce pain and inflammation. It is also beneficial for balancing the meridian (energy system) which can increase resilience to stress. Cold laser technology acts as a biomodulator for the cell. The frequency generated by the Cold laser is absorbed by the cell and through the process of entrainment, the cell copies this frequency and resets to a more healthy vibrational frequency.  Restoring proper cellular frequency helps to decrease pain and inflammation.  
We look forward to helping you reach you goals in health and performance. We can guide you...naturally, safely and effectively toward greater energy, vitality, and away from your chronic health challenges!

Natural Medicine


ASERT stands for Allergy / Sensitivity Elimination and Reprogramming Technique is based on the desensitization technique created by Dr. Devi Nambudripad known as NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique), This procedure is a non-invasive method that is used to decrease sensitivities to foods and environmental allergens.  Decreasing allergic reactions and sensitivities may be important in other conditions such as supporting thyroid function (energy), decreasing inflammation (save your heart and brain), and decreasing the general stress caused by an over active immune system,  including Adrenal Stress Syndrome.

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